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Become a Volunteer - Basic Info

 Become a Volunteer Today!    Volunteer Application
You can make a difference & at the same time get to know many of your neighbors.
We are a volunteer organization.
You can volunteer for a variety of services including
Helping Hands
At Home
Food & Meals Technology
medical appointment
social / cultural events
barber shop / hairdresser
visit a friend
light gardening
small repairs 
change light bulb
picture hanging
clean refrigerator
smoke detector
holiday decorations
odd jobs
picture hanging
daily phone call
plant watering
letter writing
gift wrapping
read books
tea / coffee visit
in-home hair care
in-home manicure
grocery shopping
deliver groceries
simple computer help
email, printer
TV remote
cell phone

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Monday, January 21st is holiday in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

ITAV will be closed. No services will be provided on the 21st or 22nd
but scheduling of services will resume on the 22nd.